Release Overview
New: Integration of Dream Report
New: Localization
New: Technology Updates
New: Performance, and quality enhancements
Simple. But powerful.

Introducing CitectHistorian 2016

As datasets grow more complex, process data historians offer an effective way for industrial businesses to efficiently leverage real-time and historical process data - a critical need for optimized decision support. CitectHistorian addresses this need by offering a powerful and easy-to-use plant historian that allows you to leverage large volumes of plant data across your operations in real-time and turn them into meaningful information. The latest update of CitectHistorian is a highly anticipated release, with the integration of Dream Report™ for brilliant user-friendly reporting, localization in French and Simplified Chinese, technology updates, and dozens of enhancements.

Create custom reports in minutes with Dream Report’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop chart and dashboard controls

Dream Report – a simple solution for complex reporting

The new version of CitectHistorian offers Dream Report™ as a branded solution for powerful plant reporting. Dream Report is the first programming free, user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis tool designed specifically for industrial automation applications. Performing ad-hoc analysis of your plant’s process data, creating everything from basic to advanced reports, charts and graphs, and delivering meaningful reports to anyone, anywhere, anytime, is incredibly simple with Dream Report.

Dream Report v4.70 contains dedicated drivers to access schema, metadata and raw data from CitectHistorian’s configuration and historian databases. It supports reporting of real-time tags, trends, and alarms, enabling complete and seamless integration with CitectHistorian. In addition, the central navigation console has been extended to include icons of the Dream Report designer and report viewer environments for quick access and launch.

Watch this video to learn more about using Dream Report with CitectHistorian.

Central navigation console in French and Simplified Chinese.

Enhanced usability for French and Chinese speaking users

In CitectHistorian 2016, both the central navigation console and Historian Enquire, the Historian client for Microsoft Excel®, are available in French and Simplified Chinese.

Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 support

New in 2016: Technology Updates

CitectHistorian 2016 is now compatible with the latest Microsoft platforms & technology versions:

  • Windows Server® 2012 R2
  • Windows® 8.1

Historian Enquire

Impressive advancements in performance and quality

CitectHistorian 2016 packs over 40 enhancements and hotfixes that significantly improve the stability, performance and functionality of the product.

  • Huge performance gain when deployed on Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Lower memory footprint with over 15% reduction of memory consumption