SCADA & MES Global Support
SCADA & MES Global Support provides hotfixes to individual customers to fix specific problems found in the current release of CitectSCADA and Vijeo Citect. Unless otherwise stated, testing is confined to basic operations and the specific problem feature/area only. As a result, these fixes are only made available on an "as needed" basis.
Individual hotfixes may include multiple fixes, and may also include fixes to different components. From v7.20 only one hotfix can be installed and combined hotfixes are required. For earlier versions it is only possible to apply more than one hotfix if they affect different components.

Hotfixes should be applied with caution and updated with the next available Service Pack or Release (whichever is the case). It is our intention to include all hotfixes in the next Service Pack or Release, however there can be rare exceptions for the following reasons:

  • The hotfix was made after the close off for the next Service Pack
  • The fix was not found to be acceptable for general use
  • The risk necessitated delaying inclusion until full system testing and the next release.

If your system contains a hotfix, and you plan to upgrade to the next Service Pack or Release, please ensure that the fix is included.

The purpose of listing the hotfixes below is to keep you posted with an up-to-date record. If you have any questions about any of the fixes or want to request a hotfix you may use the web link below and you will be contacted by SCADA & MES Global Support. Please note, we require contact and site details for all hotfix installs so that we can quickly provide important news or updates for individual fixes.
The list of available hotfixes for out of maintenance versions are here: