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As you have probably already heard, the latest release of Citect SCADA 2018 introduces an intuitive, streamlined SCADA solution that reshapes the operational experience and provides richer context in addressing Abnormal Situational Management (ASM) across a variety of industrial applications. In conjunction with this release, we’ve implemented a number of highly-requested features from the ideas@SCADA forum, demonstrating our continued commitment to our you, our customers, and what’s important to you.

The ideas that have been implemented in Citect SCADA 2018 can be grouped into the following four areas;


1. Situational Awareness

Aligned with the theme of the 2018 release, we’ve delivered a new Situational Awareness framework for page design and operations called the Workspace, as well as a new library of Situational Awareness objects including Meters, Drives, Valves, and more. This library includes some items focused on Mining, Metals, and Minerals customers, but otherwise is very general purpose and aimed at customers from all backgrounds.

The new Workspace has facilitated an update of common pages where we’ve taken the opportunity to add the TreeView within Process Analyst allowing you to browse Tags, Alarms and Trends for easy selection and display. The TreeView is also available within the new Alarm Page. Finally, we’ve added support for Alarm Groups and Alarm Hierarchy to make it easy to see if an alarm group has active alarms.


2. Graphics Builder Enhancements

There’s been a number of enhancements made to Graphics Builder for the 2018 release, including support for you to Reference Graphics Objects by name in place of an animation number, helpful for Genie design where the final animation number is not always known when creating a Genie. We’ve also added a number of keyboard shortcuts to make graphics editing simpler and easier, including Selecting All Objects with Ctrl+A, and Grouping and Ungrouping Objects.


3. Cicode Enhancements

We’ve included a set of functions that allow you to create arrays that use up to three dimensions (x,y,z). This can offer performance benefits when handling large amounts of data, for example, when generating an alarms list.


4. Drivers

Leading up to the release of Citect SCADA 2018 we announced the availability of OPC-UA connectivity with a native OPC-UA Client Driver. This is available for download from DriverWeb, and can be installed alongside existing Citect SCADA 2016 systems and new Citect SCADA 2018 systems.


Thanks for your continued support in posting, discussing and evolving your ideas with other users on the ideas@SCADA forum!

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