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We're extremely proud to announce the release of OPC-UA client driver for Citect SCADA, helping to improve the efficiency and integration capabilities of our software and bridge the IT/OT gap.

Adding to our extensive repository of over 150 individual drivers specific to more than 80 manufacturers, the OPC-UA is a secure, open, reliable and cross-platform mechanism for transferring information across the enterprise between software applications, and between the enterprise and automation controllers. It provides more open transport, increased flexibility and adaptability, better security and a more holistlic information model than the original OPC protocols. More information on OPC-UA is available on the OPC Foundation website

The Citect SCADA OPC-UA client driver delivers OPC-UA interoperability for existing Citect SCADA 2016 customers, supporting standard Data Access (DA) communications and most OPC-UA data types including arrays. The driver supports browsing of the OPC-UA Server hierarchy and creation of Citect SCADA tags directly corresponding to the selected OPC-UA data items. Security is included and managed using an automatic plug-in for Citect SCADA Configurator for both secure communications and user authentication settings.


Existing customers on Citect SCADA 2016 can simply download and install the OPC-UA client driver to extend their system communications capability.

The OPC-UA client driver will also be included within the upcoming Citect SCADA 2018 release, and future releases, making OPC-UA available for Citect SCADA customers out of the box. Find out more about what's coming in Citect SCADA 2018 here


Get started with Citect SCADA's OPC-UA client driver today, by downloading from our Driver Web.

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For more information on our OPC-UA client driver or anything related to Citect SCADA, don’t hesitate to contact the Citect SCADA Product team directly.

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