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Alarm Adviser 2017 Software update dec

In line with our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and optimizing the performance of our software, we are pleased to announce the availability of Alarm Adviser 2017 Patch 1 Software Update – December 2017,

This release builds on our previous version of the software, with specific fixes and enhancements to the following functionalities:

  • ClearSCADA Collector – initial connections to standby ClearSCADA servers resolved
  • Domain security groups - web client access


Please refer to the Alarm Adviser Installation and Configuration Guide for instructions on installing this product.


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Find out more about how you can get the most of Alarm Adviser 2017 by tuning into our dedicated YouTube channel for the latest product tutorial videos and insights, or visit Alarm Adviser online.


Should you have any queries regarding this Software Update please don’t hesitate to contact our Global SCADA & MES Support team

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