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In helping to further improve the efficiency and flexibility of our software we are pleased to announce the release of an enhanced S7TCP (v driver for Citect SCADA.

This release builds on our February 2017 S7TCP driver release and adds to our extensive repository of over 150 individual drivers specific to more than 80 manufacturers, offering enhanced integration opportunities for our customers.


Specific functionality included in this driver release includes:

  • Support for S7-1500 controllers running firmware versions up to 2.0.1


Download this latest S7TCP Driver from our Driver Web here.


For more specifics on the S7TCP (v driver release, please read the full release notes full release notes. Please note as a licensed driver, customers who have already purchased S7TCP will be able to run the driver. New customers will need to purchase S7TCP in order to install the driver.


Should you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact our Global SCADA & MES Support team.

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