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In helping to further improve the efficiency and flexibility of our software we are pleased to announce the release of an enhanced BACnet Driver version v3.03.01.000, for Citect SCADA 2015 and Later.

This latest adds to our extensive repository of over 150 individual drivers specific to more than 80 manufacturers and builds on our former October 2016 BACnet release, with architecture modifications providing significant performance improvements while helping to set the foundation for seamless enhancements in the future.


Some specific features of the new driver include:

  • Conversion from a polling driver to a subscription based driver significantly reducing the network load and improving performance.
  • Upgrade to the BACstac version installed with the driver to v6.6h.
  • Increase in the StateText property array upper limit to 63 for Multi-state input, Multi-state output and Multi-state value BACnet objects.
  • Updated integration with the driver now supporting Windows Server 2016.


N.B. For Citect SCADA version 2015, 2015 Service Pack 1 Patch 14 is required and for Citect SCADA 2016, Citect SCADA 2016 Update March 14, 2017 is required. Don’t hesitate to contact our Global SCADA & MES Support team should you have any questions.


Download this latest BACnet Driver from our Driver Web here.


For more specifics on the BACnet driver release, please read the full release notes. Please note as a licensed driver, customers who have already purchased +Facilities and are licensed for BACnet will be able to run the BACnet driver. New customers will need to purchase the +Facilities pack in order to install the BACnet driver.


Should you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact our Global SCADA & MES Support team.

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