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10 November 2016

A new patch for Vijeo Citect/CitectSCADA 2015 has been published on the Citect support website and is available to download now (Support login required).

The new patch includes several product fixes & minor enhancements that provide improvements to the stability, performance and functionality of the product.

Fixes have been included for the following:


64885 - Standby alarm server may experience 100% CPU usage after installing SP1 Patch 8

Following the installation of 7.50 SP1 Patch 8, the users table sometimes became filled with duplicate entries for the default server user if Cicode was performing alarm property operations from a server node. This could lead to 100% CPU usage. The way users are added has been corrected.


64270 - DisplayRuntimeManager() does not display Runtime Manager and can launch another client

Calling the Cicode function DisplayRuntimeManager() when running CitectSCADA v7.50 as a service would not bring Runtime Manager to the front and would launch another client. Runtime Manager is now brought to the front without launching another instance of the client when this function is called.

64784 - BACNET driver v2.x converts "11:00:00.000;0" to "11:00:00,000;0"

When writing "(11:00:00.000;0)" to a BACnet schedule tag using TagWrite, "(11:00:00,000;0)" was being output to the device, which is invalid. The '.' (decimal point) was changed to ',' (decimal comma). TagWrite attempts to get the details of the destination tag (i.e., the tag's type), but if not found the function assumed a value type rather than a string type. In a system with multiple clusters, and no cluster name provided in TagWrite( ), the system could not identify the correct tag. Passing the cluster name to TagWrite( ) will resolve this. The program has been changed to search tags in all clusters if a cluster has not been specified.

64861 - TagInfo("", 0) returns random characters

Calling Cicode function TagInfo("", 0) would return random characters. An empty string is now returned.


64866 - Compiler message "out of handles" is generated despite [CTEDIT]DbFiles=510

On systems with a large number of included projects, it was possible for the compiler to generate an "out of handles" message, even if the Citect.ini parameter [CTEDIT]DbFiles had been set to its maximum value of 510. To resolve this, the compiler infrastructure has been improved such that [CTEDIT]DbFiles has a new maximum of 32767, and a new default of 1024.


64877 - CitectSCADA shuts down unexpectedly when opening a dialog window

CitectSCADA runtime would shut down randomly when opening dialog windows (for example, FormNumPad). An oversight in the code resulted in an internal function returning an invalid value in some circumstances.

Process Analyst

64839 - Process Analyst value is rounding incorrectly on the cursor

Process Analyst was rounding values incorrectly on the cursor. For example, 3.985 was not rounding up to 4.0. The rounding routine has now been fixed.

Runtime Issues

64752 - Setting [General]RegionalNumbersFormat=0 does not disable regional formatting

Setting the Citect.ini parameter [General]RegionalNumbersFormat=0 is intnded to result in all numbers being formatted for display using English ("." decimal separator), regardless of which region locale is in use on the computer. However, this has not been working as expected since version 7. Additional handling has now been added to the I/O system to correct this.

Please refer to the release notes for a full description of all the included changes.

Download the latest patch:

Vijeo Citect 2015 Service Pack 1 Patch 10

CitectSCADA 2015 Service Pack 1 Patch 10


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