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13 September 2016

A new patch for Vijeo Citect/CitectSCADA 2015 has been published on the Citect support website and is available to download now (Support login required).

The new patch includes several product fixes that provide improvements to the stability, performance and functionality of the product.

Fixes have been included for the following:


64577 - User Location in Logged on event is not accurate in some scenarios

64653 - Second alarm server may not start when dual network cards have been configured

64758 - Cannot display alarms from an alarm server configured with dual network address

64779 - Active alarms are not displayed if they can't be found in the alarm database


64792 - ServerIsOnline requires the cluster specified even on a single cluster system


64620 - No IFDEFHRESALM function available


64576 - Device open for a SQL_DEV log device was causing load on the SQL server and network.

64705 - Hardware alarm is raised when applying filter to the tag drop-down list in TagDebugForm

Project Development Utilities

64399 - InUse property fix in Page properties

64754 - Displaying a page containing a large number of super genie associations has become slower

Runtime Issues

64765 - I/O data does not display if running a single process system as a service


Please refer to the release notes for a full description of all the included changes.


Download the latest patch:

Vijeo Citect 2015 Service Pack 1 Patch 8

CitectSCADA 2015 Service Pack 1 Patch 8

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