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15 March 2016

Vijeo Citect / CitectSCADA 2015 Service Pack 1 is now available and provides important new features and quality enhancements that improve the stability, performance and functionality of the product.

Let's take a look at some of the new features and enhancements in this service pack:

  • Enhanced support for facilities systems using BACnet devices with numerous driver enhancements, simplified configuration experience, and tight integration of BACnet schedules with the Scheduler
  • Scheduler enhancements with new ActiveX control properties and Special Days view
  • New Project Summary delivering the ability to easily understand the size, complexity and configuration of a project
  • New Cicode Profiler allowing engineers to measure the performance of custom-built Cicode functions on a running process, very useful for performance troubleshooting or debugging

With some great new features, this is a significant service pack!

Please refer to the release notes for a full description of all the included changes.


Our Quality Assurance (QA) team has completed a comprehensive quality assurance program of verification, regression, system and acceptance testing on Vijeo Citect / CitectSCADA 2015 Service Pack 1, as well as system integration validation with other products, including OFS, Historian, Unity Pro and Ampla MES.

Installation / un-installation of the service pack

Please read the accompanying release notes for full details on all areas covered within Vijeo Citect / CitectSCADA 2015 Service Pack 1, including known issues, as well as installation and un-installation details.

SCADA & MES Global Support recommends Vijeo Citect / CitectSCADA 2015 users apply the service pack as soon as practically possible.

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Planning your upgrade to Vijeo Citect / CitectSCADA 2015?

We have some resources to help you. Watch the short 'Why Upgrade' video to see why you should start planning your upgrade today. And be sure to download your copy of the Upgrade white paper, where you'll learn about:

  • Benefits of upgrading to Vijeo Citect / CitectSCADA 2015
  • How to plan & prepare your upgrade
  • Recommended steps
  • Tips & best practices for a successful upgrade

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