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The Certified Expert Program (CEP) distinguishes and recognizes individuals skilled in the integration of Schneider Electric technology-based automation projects.

Certified Professional Qualification

The Certified Professional qualification is an introductory status which can be achieved as the first stage of the full qualification. This qualification is awarded to those CEP candidates who pass Configuration exam.

Certified Expert Qualification

The Certified Expert qualification is awarded to individuals who pass three exams (Configuration, Architecture and Redundancy and Programming with Cicode) designed to assess their technical knowledge.

With this qualification, Schneider Electric acknowledges to the market the Expert’s Vijeo Citect/Citect SCADA knowledge and experience. The Expert should therefore be capable to design, configure and maintain a Vijeo Citect/ Citect SCADA project.

Upgrade Your Qualification

To maintain your certification status, you will have to sit an Upgrade exam when a new version of the software is released. The Upgrade exam covers new features of the latest version of the product.

Refer to the Certification Path below for selecting the right pathway to achieve the correct Certification.

image of certification path map



Get Certified for the Vijeo Citect 2015 version.

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Get Certified in the latest version of Citect SCADA 2016.

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