SCADA & MES Global Support

arrw Upgrade Subscription*

Access to version upgrades for 12 month period only.

arrw Silver Support*

The Silver Maintenance and Support Agreement provides telephone support during normal business hours and access to online support tools including e-mail and live chat. Product upgrades are not included.

arrw Gold Support*

The Gold Maintenance and Support Agreement is our standard support platform, providing a formal structure of application software support services. A range of direct and self-help technical assistance options allow you to maintain optimum performance from your SCADA, MES or Historian software, whilst automatic product updates keep you at the forefront of technological advancements.

arrw GoldPlus Support*

The GoldPlus Maintenance and Support Agreement is a 24/7 extension to the Gold Support service and is differentiated by enhanced response and escalation commitments.

arrw Enterprise Support*

Enterprise Support Agreements can be set up to include any of our services. An Enterprise Support Agreement ensures a single point of management; common commercial terms and annual purchasing price reviews. Multiple global sites are covered and additional sites can be covered at any time during the Support Agreement, subject to a fee.

arrw Specialty Driver Support

Specialty Driver Support is an add-on Support service to Gold and GoldPlus Support Agreements. Specialty Driver Support is required for the following licensed drivers: Bailey, IEC870-5-104, Moscad and SemAPI.

*The availability of support levels and service features as described above may vary by region. Please consult your local Schneider Electric sales representative or distributor for details.